THD team

mardi 8 septembre 2020

Current Team

Pierre Baudoz Principal Investigator
Raphaël Galicher co-PI
Simone Thijs AIT
Johan Mazoyer Dark Hole algorithm expertise
Elsa Huby Coronagraphy expertise
Garima Singh * Studies in ground-based conditions
Lucie Leboulleux Analytical models in ground-based conditions
Axel Potier PhD Student
Gérard Rousset Adaptive Optics Expertise
Anthony Boccaletti Science and Coronagraph Expertise
Olivier Dupuis Mechanical Design and Integration
Manuel Ortiz AIT
Jean-Michel Réess Optical Design
Pernelle Bernardi Optical Design
Denis Perret Electrical Engineering
Arnaud Sevin Real Time Computer
Goran Greblo Computing Engineering
Sudagara Vassin Computing Engineering
Claude Collin Mechanical Fabrication
Vartan Arslanyan Mechanical Fabrication
Sylvain Cnudde Graphic Design
Cris Dupont Administrative

* Garima Singh has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 798909.

Former Associates

Fabien Patru Studies in space conditions
Jacques Baudrand Optical and Mechanical Design
Pierre Gigan Adaptive Optics Engineering
Jacques-Robert Delorme PhD student
Marion Mas PhD student
Johan Mazoyer PhD student
Garima Singh PhD student
François Assémat Post-doctorate
Marion Bonafous AIT
Coline Lopez Intern in coronagraphy
Feriel Tache Intern in testbed stability
Chloé Coton Internship
Stéphane Melcer Internship
Claire-Line Noble Internship
Nicolas Parot Internship
Olga Stepanova Internship
Julien Totems Internship