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lundi 29 avril 2019

Coronagraphic ComponentsAdvancementCollaboration
Four Quadrant Phase Mask Done GEPI, France
Multi-FQPM Done GEPI, France
Apodized Dual Zone Phase Mask Done LAM, France
Six Level Phase Mask Done GEPI, France - Univ. of Shanghai, China
Vector Vortex Phase Mask Done NAOJ, Japan
Eight Octant Phase Mask 09/2015-> Univ. of Hokkaido, Japan
Achromatic Phase Mask 11/2016-> Univ. of Shanghai, China
Wavefront Sensing/ControlAdvancementCollaboration
Mono- & Poly chromatic Self-Coherent Camera Done LESIA, France
Amplitude aberrations 12/2015-> Lagrange, France
Coronagraph & phase diversity (Coffee) 01/2016-> ONERA, France
Chromatic aberrations, system study 10/2016-> SRON, Netherlands
Impact of scattered light 02/2018-> Lagrange, France
Impact of polarization 04/2018-> Lagrange, France
Electric Field Conjugation 06/2018-> LESIA, France
Zelda technique TBC LAM, France